About Us

I.    General description:

        Established since 1996, E-SMART Relocation Consultants Co., Ltd. Continues to be the  leading professional service provider for expatriates’ housing and relocation servicesin the region of Tianjin.

II.   Main business scope:

      ◇ Locating a home for expatriates and their families

      ◇ Locality orientation guidance and services to enable a hassle free relocation

      ◇ Tianjin Expat Guidebook Editor

      ◇ Cross-cultural training sessions

      ◇ Expense budget planning sessions

      ◇ Property investment consultancy

III.  Major clients:

Airbus, ALPLA, ALSTOM, Audi, AVL, Bechtel, Boeing, BorgWarner, Caterpillar, Clariant, Ford, GlaxoSmithKline, Hilding Anders, Home Credit, Honeywell, HP, HSBC, IKEA, Insurance Australia Group, International School of Tianjin, IPSEN, JLG, John Deere, Magna, Motorola, Nestlé, NNE Pharmaplan, Novo Nordisk, Novozymes, P&G, Raffles Medical Group, Rio Tinto, SABIC, Siemens, Standard Chartered Bank, Standard Life, Tianjin International School, United Family Hospital, UTC, Vestas, Volkswagen, Wellington College International Tianjin, Winergy, etc.

IV.   Business philosophy:

       Live Honestly.  Work Sincerely.

       Work is worship.  Work done in the spirit of service is the highest         form of worship.

Sun Yuan (Susan Sun): 20 years with E-SMART.  The founder.  Speaks Chinese and English.  Major responsibility: take good care of the staff, ensure their spiritual and material growth.  Besides running E-SMART, she teaches entrepreneurship in Singapore Quantum Academy and is the MBA Business Mentor of Tianjin University.

Ma Hongyan: 13 years with E-SMART.HR director, office manager and chief editor of Tianjin Expat Guidebook.  She does not speak English, but can read.  She is also in charge of co-workers’ yoga class.

Lu Tong (Lucy Lu): 10 years with E-SMART.  Director of Sales and Marketing.  Speaks Chinese and English.  As the business leader in the company, she works very hard and is the model for her co-workers by her zero-complain from the clients.  She is also a marvelous baker.

Tang Yi: 9 years with E-SMART.  Data Resource Manager, and our representative on site in Volkswagen factory.  Speaks Chinese and English.  She hosts Baha’i Ruhi study in the office.  She is a traditional Chinese fine brush flower-and-bird painter.

Guo Qianqian (Tracy Guo): 7 years with E-SMART. Senior Relocation Consultant.  Speaks Chinese and English.  She is very patient with the clients.  She leads us the group study of “The Family Virtues Guide”.  She is good at Chinese calligraphy.

Wang Fang: 6 years with E-SMART.  Senior Relocation Consultant and Account Manager.  Speaks Chinese and English.  Our clients love her high enthusiasm in service.  Without this newly married lark in the office, we would feel rather bored.  She is good at running.

Qu Long: 5 years with E-SMART.  IT manager and government authorities coordinator.  Speaks Chinese and English.  He possesses very good skills not only in dealing with IT problems, but also with government staff.  He leads our Chinese Classics reading on each working morning.

Chen Xingxing: 2 years with E-SMART.  Relocation Consultant.  Speaks Chinese and English.  She used to spend an exchanged study semester in US as a top student in Public Hygiene Management.  Comes from Hubei Province.  She is very smart and sweet.

Zhang Guosheng: 1 year with E-SMART. Relocation Consultant. Speaks Chinese and English, very active, and full of energy. Confident local Tianjinese. Graduated from Tianjin Foreign Language College. He loves traveling.

Wang Chen: 1 year with E-SMART. Relocation Consulant. Speaks Chinese and English. Warm-hearted and willing to help others. From Xi’an, an ancient capital city of 13 dynasties. He is a basketball fan.

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