Welcome To Tianjin


Welcome to Tianjin, the third largest city in China!

The name of “Tianjin” firstly came into use in 1404.  It means "a port for the emperor."  With an area of 11,946 square kilometers (0.124% of the total Chinese territory), and a population of 15.5 million (around 1% of the national population in China), Tianjin is one of the four municipalities directly under the administration of China's central government (The other three are Beijing, Shanghai and Chongqing), and is now divided into thirteen Districts and three Counties.

Tianjin has become the economic and logistics center as well as a key hub of sea-land-air communications in North China.  It is attracting more and more attention from the world due to its rapid development during the recent years.

This Expat Gulid book is in its 16th edition (including one Japanese edition) dated from 2000.  It is edited by E-SMART Relocation Consultants Co., Ltd., providing expats with daily life information about what is what and what is where, in and around Tianjin and Binhai New Area.  From 2016, we have converted this Guide Book into a mobile APP for smart phones’ free download.

However, it is not possible to comprehensively cover everything here. Such information is evolving daily and annually.  We keep this guide up to date on a best effort basis.  Despite our considerable efforts to ensure accuracy, changes are the only constant in the city.  There are always numerous old and new establishments waiting for your adventure and discovery.

Your comment, suggestion and contributions of updated information to this Expat Guide Book would be most appreciated and we will incorporate them into our next edition during our annual review exercise.

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